Interlocken® Large Utility Push Broom

The WOLF-Garten® Large Utility Broom is a multipurpose push broom that effectively clears debris from driveways, patios and decks with minimal effort. The wide working width of the WOLF-Garten Utility Broom means you use less strokes when sweeping dirty areas. This broom features long-lasting, weather-resistant plastic bristles that will last for years. Additionally, the functional bristles allow you to sweep light snow in the winter.This push broom features a very unique feel - the bristles actually feel as if they are hugging the surface, which means you are getting a cleaner sweep with every pass of your broom. Cleaning out the garage, patio or basement is easier than ever with this very popular WOLF-Garten Push Broom.

Part of the WOLF-Garten Interlocken Gardening Tool System: No longer will you have to deal with the hassle of the handle coming unscrewed, as this broom head locks securely into any of our Interlocken® Handles. The Interlocken system creates a customized experience for you. Gone are the days of annoying handles the constantly twist out of the broom heads! All the WOLF-Garten Interlocken brooms click safely and securely into the handle that is the right fit for you. We have multiple handle sizes and lengths, so that you can find the perfect fit for your height and ability.