Interlocken® Roof Rake

WOLF-Garten Roof Rake or Roof Shovel is designed for safe and easy clearing of snow and debris on roof, greenhouse, garage or porch surfaces. The roof shovel easily attaches to any WOLF-Garten handle as it is part of the WOLF-Garten Interlocken system. This roof rake head spans 23.62" (60cm - that's nearly 2 FEET of clearing on every sweep!) to effectively and quickly clear large spaces on the roof.


WOLF-Garten has engineered a roof rake that is made of premium, heavy-duty steel to last for at least 10-years! It's true - they've even guaranteed it. The SRM Roof Rake features lightweight, yet heavy-duty rubber on the end which is designed to withstand years of use. The end piece on this roof rake is fitted with soft edges for safe cleaning of skylights, solar panels, or other delicate roof additions. Perfect for greenhouses too! Most of the roof rakes on the market are not designed to be able to safely clear debris or snow from the roofs of delicate glass-paneled structures like a greenhouse. WOLF-Garten knows that greenhouses require some special tools and this roof rake is no exception.

Attach to any WOLF-Garten handle for safe and ladder-free access to high-reaching spaces. We recommend pairing this roof rake with the WOLF-Garten Telescopic Handle 118" ZMV3 or WOLF-Garten Telescopic Handle 157" ZMV4.