Snow Pusher with Wheels

The WOLF-Garten lightweight snow pusher takes the back-breaking work out of snow removal with this NEW snow removal tool. Always, made in Germany, WOLF-Garten takes snow removal to the next level creating a snow pusher that features heavy-duty, yet lightweight construction for ease of use. The snow pusher features wheels on the bottom of the shovel for easier movement and clearing of show. The ergonomic shaped handle ensures a comfortable, stand-up-straight design so it is easier on your back to clear snow from driveways and walkways. The handle measures 31" in length and 20" wide and features a premium comfort grip to help cushion your hands and provide additional traction on the handle. The removable handle attaches to the snow shovel bottom by 2 adjustable dials ensuring the perfect and most comfortable angle for your height and body type. The handle also features additional comfort grips midway along the shaft of the handle so the elevating and dumping of snow is as comfortable as possible.

This is the newest addition to the WOLF-Garten assortment of winter tools, shovels and snow clearing tools and this snow pusher is certainly one you will want to have in your garage or shed as the winter months approach. And, don't forget - all WOLF-Garten tools come with a 10 year guarantee.