10 ft. Interlocken® Telescoping Standard Tree Saw Set

This essential tree pruning kit is finally available as a set! Our WOLF-Garten 14" Tree Saw SAWPC370MS and our popular Telescoping Handle ZMV3 ship together in this kit while you save 10% when purchased as a kit!

Tree trimming has never been easier or safer with this combo-kit from WOLF-Garten which includes an Interlocken Handle that extends to 10' making tree cutting and trimming safer than ever. With both feet on the ground, you can easily reach branches that need a trim without the use of a ladder. This handle remains incredibly light, yet heavy-duty and easy for anyone to use. The handle has multiple length positions so you can easily select what length you need. The telescoping feature of this handle enables the inner pole to extend and click into place like a seat belt. There's no annoying twisting or turning to come undone making this safer than anything else you've used on the market.

The WOLF-Garten Tree "shark-style" saw measures 14" in length.  The saw blade is double-hardened Swedish steel with a non-stick coating to effortlessly slice through branches. The blade features two-rows of super-sharp teeth that are designed to saw and cut on BOTH the push and pull motions of your work. So, essentially, you are able to do twice as much work, while exerting the same effort!