RR200 Power Dual Cut Lopper


Available in 2 lengths:

  1. PDCRR200 = 6.5' (200 cm)
  2. PDCRR400T = Telescopes 7.9'-13' (240 - 400 cm)


  • Two cutting modes: In the high-speed cutting mode, make use of the short path for fast cutting of thin branches. For cutting thicker branches, switch to the high-power cut, use twice the distance and thus get double power.
  • Non-stick coated German steel blades reduce the required cutting force significantly, make them easier to clean and avoid the transmission of diseases.
  • The cutting head is quickly and easily adjusted by up to 225° thanks to the rotary closure and thus can be varied according to the direction in which the branches are growing.
  • The coloring (red and yellow) and the special design of the cutting head ensure good visibility and thus always safe and precise work in the trees.
  • The telescopic handle of model RR 400 T is simple and fast extendable to 240 cm – 400 cm using a grid of holes and detent lever.