RR400T Power Dual Cut Telescoping Lopper

Safe, ladder-free tree trimming has never been easier!

Working from the ground allows your body to relax – not to mention eliminating the risk of falling. Say goodbye to gardening accident risk number 1. Work safely at heights of up to 13 feet while keeping a good view of the work to be done with the new tree loppers – not from a bird’s perspective but rather with feet firmly on the ground.


Available in 2 lengths:

  • PDCRR200 = 6.5' (200 cm)
  • PDCRR400 = Telescopes 7.9'-13' (240 - 400 cm)


  • Two cutting modes: In the high-speed cutting mode, make use of the short path for fast cutting of thin branches. For cutting thicker branches, switch to the high-power cut, use twice the distance and thus get double power.
  • Non-stick coated blades reduce the required cutting force significantly, make them easier to clean and avoid the transmission of diseases.
  • The cutting head is quickly and easily adjusted by up to 225° thanks to the rotary closure and thus can be varied according to the direction in which the branches are growing.
  • The coloring (red and yellow) and the special design of the cutting head ensure good visibility and thus always safe and precise work in the trees.
  • The telescopic handle of model RR 400 T is simple and quickly extendable to 8'-13' (240 - 400 cm) using a grid of holes and levers.

How it Works:

The lightweight handle/pole is held with both hands. The telescoping version of this lopper features the same safe, click mechanism to extend the handle to various lengths. No twisting of the handles to come loose. When you set your desired length it is locked into place.

Midway up the pole is a handle with a push-button. The button is either engaged or disengaged and controls the speed of the cut - there are 2 speeds. When you slide the handle up/down this motion causes the blades to enclose around your branch/limb and cuts through it. The cutting blade head rotates easily with a simple knob so you can select the perfect angle for your cut. There is also a nice hip rest on the bottom of the handle that can be pulled to engage the blade cutting mechanism. This also allows for your hands to be more comfortably placed elsewhere on the handle. It’s a very smooth twist and feels quite comfortable.

Bypass Blades vs. Anvil Blades: What's the difference?

The two-blade, or bypass technology is recommended for fast-healing, precise, stub-free cuts of thin stems and green branches. The slim cutting head facilitates the cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places and prevents soft stems of being squeezed during the cutting process.

The single-blade or anvil technology provides up to 20% more power compared to bypass technology. During the cut, the stems and branches rest on the anvil. Anvil shears are ideal for cutting dead and hard wood (e.g. for rose and brush cutting). They facilitate arm-friendly work at minimum cutting vibration.