Interlocken® Weed Removal Tool Set

This kit was designed to make the chore of weeding EASIER and much more comfortable than ever before. With the premium line of gardening tools from the garden tool experts at WOLF-Garten in Germany, the patented Interlocken Click together system ensures a comfortable, stand-up-straight design so you bend less, and enjoy being in the garden even more.

This unique set focuses on tools for the garden that make light work of tough weeds. This set features our most popular weed removal tools that our customers absolutely love. For example, the IWM Thistle and Dandelion weed remover is hands-down our most popular weeding tool. Simply attach this tool head into any long handle (we include the ZMAD for this purpose) then insert it into the center of your weed, twist the root system and voila! The entire weed and its root system is easily removed from the ground with a simple twist.

This weed removal set also includes several other popular weeding tools from WOLF-Garten like our new FBM Joint scraper brush. With super-stiff 2" wire bristles, this tool head removes weeds betwee cracks quickly and easily. We also include some of our favorite weed removal tools for the garden and in between your flowers and vegetables! the RFM Push-Pull Weeder and the GSM14 Scuffle Hoe weeder are essential tools for both tough weeds inbetween delicate plants and ideal for shallow weeds near the surface.

So, scoop up this weed removal kit to say goodbye to the back-breaking work of weeding. You'll be so glad you did.

This kit makes a perfect gift for the gardener in your life too! What a better gift to give than tools that are guaranteed to last 10 years!