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Black Eyed Susan Seeds

Black Eyed Susan are a perennial favorite for many gardeners because they are wonderfully colorful and are so easy to grow! They are drought tolerant and need very little care. They do prefer full sun. These perennial flowering plants produce bright yellow petal flowers that bloom all summer, and feature a dark black domed centerpiece. This plant grows up to 3’ tall, making it perfect for cut flower arrangements to take indoors. Black Eyed Susan also makes an excellent backdrop floral choice because the bright colors will become an excellent frame for your smaller garden plants. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.

As a strong perennial, you can be sure that once you plant Black Eyed Susan in your garden or wildflower meadow, it will faithfully reappear year after year, lighting up your garden with color and interest.

Plant duration: Perennial.

Hardiness: Very hardy. Can stand drought.

Zone: 3-9.

Soil type: Any, well-drained soil.

Soil humidity: Moderate.

Seed sowing spacing: 6-12 inches.

Seed sowing depth: 1/16 inches from the soil surface.

Seed sowing time: March-April.

Seed germination: 1-4 weeks from the time the seeds are sown.

Sun exposure: Complete.

Growth: Quick. The flowers bloom in the season subsequent to the sowing seed. First year just witnesses the plant growth. If you have a long growing season they will bloom the first year.

Bloom period: June-September

Physical Appearance: -Plant height: 2-3 feet. -Flower color: Yellow with Black colored, dome shaped center. -Flower size: Large. -Flower size: 2-3 inches across. -Flower structure: Resembles Daisy flowers. -Leaves: Rough, diamond shaped, 4-7 inches long and hairy, basal leaves. -General looks: Nice.

Maintenance: Very easy.