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Blanketflower Seeds

Blanketflower is a striking perennial flowering plant, that is very hardy, drought tolerant and brimming with personality. This is a very easy flowers to sow from seed, Blanketflower comes to life with bright crimson red blooms that are tipped in sunny yellow and a brilliant red cone at the center. Blanketflower make an exceptional border or backdrop plant that grows to 2’ feet in height. Great for cut flower arrangements that will last 10-12 days indoors. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.

Blanketflower reseeds itself, filling your garden with rich color and interest year after year. Blanketflower prefers a garden location with full sun. Blooming from May through September. Blanketflower is a perfect choice if you forget to water regularly. Regular watering will extend the blooming period later in the season.

Plant duration: Perennial.

Hardiness: Very hardy. Can stand droughts.

Zone : 3-10.

Soil type: Any. Preferably, arid, hot and sandy soil.

Seed sowing spacing: 6-12 inches.

Seed sowing depth: 1/8 inch from the soil surface.

Seed sowing time: February to April.

Seed germination: Within 2-6 weeks of sowing the seeds

Sun exposure: Complete.

Growth: Moderately quick.

Bloom period: May to September.

Physical Appearance: -Plant height: 1.50-2.00 feet. -Flower color: Bright Red with Yellow border and a Red, conical center. -Flower structure: Shaped like the flower of Daisy. -Flower arrangement: Clustered. -General looks: Strikingly beautiful.

Maintenance: Very easy.