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Scarlet Flax Seeds

With the most wonderful paper thin petals, Scarlet Flax is a vigorous growing and hardy annual that comes to life in very early Spring and continues to bloom until September. This plant prefers full sun and a loose soil base. Scarlet Flax is drought tolerant and doesn’t mind the heat. The petals are the most sensational shade of scarlet red. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.

If you love pretty and delicate in your garden, you will fall for the glossy red flowers of the Scarlet Flax. Sow in early Spring and plant well after the last frost. Guaranteed – Scarlet Flax will steal the garden show!

Plant duration: Annual.

Origin: North Africa and Southern Europe.

Hardiness: Very hardy. Can stand drought.

Zone: 3-10.

Soil type: Any. Preferably light and loose sandy soil.

Seed sowing spacing: 4-8 inches.

Seed sowing depth: 1/8 inches from the soil surface.

Seed sowing time: Spring.

Seed germination: 3-4 weeks from the time the seeds are sown.

Sun exposure: Complete.

Growth: Quick.

Bloom period: Spring-Fall.

Physical Appearance: -Plant height: 1.50-2.00 feet. -Flower color: Red. -Flower size: Small.

Maintenance: Very easy. For a great blooming impact, grow the plant in masses.