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Tickseed Seeds

Perfect for a beginner or lazy gardener, Tickseed is highly drought tolerant and requires very little upkeep. A perennial flowering plant produces bright, sunny yellow blooms that grace your garden from May through July each year. At season maturity, tickseed plants will reach a height of 2 to 3’ tall and with the lively colors, would be perfect as a border or backdrop plant. Planted together in large clusters, Tickseed makes an ideal focal point flower. Tickseed does take two years to become fully established but the interesting and vibrant aspects of this easy grow plant is well worth the waiting period. Seeds are packaged and germination tested for current year.

To ensure a long bloom season, it is advisable to dead head when flowers begin to fade. Tickseed will tolerate full sun to partial shade and prefers rich soil. Also makes a great cut flower.

Plant duration: Perennial.

Hardiness: Hardy. Can stand drought as well as moisture.

Zone: 3-9.

Region of cultivation: North America.

Soil type: Any.

Seed sowing spacing: 5-12 inches.

Seed sowing depth: 1/16 inches from the soil surface.

Seed sowing time: After the last frost of the spring or in the early fall.

Seed germination: 3-4 weeks from the time the seeds are sown.

Sun exposure: Complete to partial.

Growth: Easy. In the first year of sowing the seed, the plant and leaves appear. The flowers bloom in the second year.

Bloom period: May-July.

Physical Appearance: -Plant height: 2-3 feet. -Flower color: Yellow. -Flower size: 2 inches across. -Flower structure: Resembles to that of Daisy. -Leaves: The leaves are long, Green colored, glossy and resemble the shape of a lance.

Maintenance: Very easy.