Interlocken® Scarifying Rake

The WOLF-Garten® Dethatching Roller Rake is the perfect tool to keep your lawn tidy and healthy. The curved steel tines are designed to clear moss, thatch and old grass clippings from the lawn. This will allows plenty of air, sunshine, water, and fertilizers into your lawn to keep the grass healthy and happy. The attached wheels make the process of dethatching even easier. This is not only a great dethatcher, but also an ideal moss removal rake as well.


WOLF-Garten rakes have a 10-year warranty and being made in Germany, they are made with the best materials and highest standards of workmanship. WOLF-Garten has been a leader in the gardening tool and equipment industry since 1922. WOLF-Garten designs and creates gardening tools, rakes and equipment with not only the most innovative technology, but also with your comfort in mind. WOLF-Garten coined the term, "Stand-up-Straight" Gardening to exceed expectations when it comes to comfort in the garden. Simply attach any home or garden tool head to any wolf handle and you're ready to go. WOLF-Garten tools are quality garden tools for a lifetime.

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