Interlocken® Flower Garden Tool Kit

Discover WOLF-Garten Interlocken Gardening Tool System from Germany. Premium, ergonomic gardening tools made in Germany since 1922.

This collection of flower gardening tools saves you over 20% on the retail cost and makes a terrific gift set for any occasion!

This is the perfect gardening tool kit for the avid flower gardener. With these ergonomically designed WOLF-Garten® tools you can easily and comfortably work to accomplish everything you need to produce and maintain a productive garden. These 12 essential gardening tools PLUS a WOLF-Garten Tool Bag - features 1 long handle and 2 short handles to ensure every garden chore is accomplished quickly, effectively and most importantly - comfortably. The WOLF-Garten system features unique tool heads and an array of handle lengths so you eliminate the back-breaking work of repeated bending. The WOLF-Garten Interlocken System enables you to weed, plant, hoe, cultivate and more - all form a comfortable standing position.

With this kit you quickly find out why WOLF-Garten tools are the #1 selling lawn & garden tool company across Europe.