Interlocken® Garden & Leaf Rake Kit

WOLF-Garten Leaf rakes are great for picking up leaves during fall due to their shape, but the variety of rakes available and their uses go far beyond leaf clean up. This essential kit from WOLF-Garten Germany provides you with a variety of rakes for your home & garden. WOLF-Garten Leaf Rakes and Soil Rakes are all part of the Interlocken System of tools where the tool heads (raking heads) safely and securely click into any handle.

This Interlocken System is designed for ultimate comfort for all-day gardening. Not only will you be able to select the perfect handle for your height and ability, but you can select which rake head you need for the chore at hand. Need a more springy leaf rake for delicate areas? Snap the UFM Rake into your ZMA150 Handle. Have an area where you need to rakes the rocks out, or level your beds? Snap the DOM40 into your handle. Have a raised garden bed that you need to rake through debris within arms reach? The LDMZM30 is the perfect hand rake for the job.

All WOLF-Garten Rakes come with a 10-year warranty.

WOLF-Garten Rake Kit Includes:
  • ZMA150 59" Aluminum Handle
  • DOM40 16" Soil Rake
  • UFM Lightweight Garden Rake
  • UIM Leaf Rake
  • LDMZM30 Mini Fan Rake
  • ZM30 Handle
  • LJZ Mini Hand Rake