Interlocken® Mini Hand Tools Garden Set

Shop the newest hand tools to the WOLF-Garten Gardening Tool lineup. All of your favorite full-size garden tool heads now available in a mini-size set, which is perfect for raised beds, landscaping or any other area where you want to be careful not to disturb or damage the surrounding plants.

This new garden tool set includes 7 of the hardest-working mini-sized garden hand tools on the market. WOLF-Garten mini tools work just as hard as their larger counterparts, but the smaller size allows for more precise work in smaller areas. This hand tools garden set features 7 mini garden tool heads plus a free 10" comfort grip handle that easily clicks into place as part of the WOLF-Garten Multi Star Interlocken Gardening Tool System. Interlocken: All Interlocken tool heads work with any Interocken handle for a truly customized gardening experience.

Why mini tools, you might ask? Well, first of all, most traditional mini tools are designed as hand tools, meaning you need to get down on your knees while using the garden tool in your hands. Ouch! We're tired of sore knees and backs in the garden and that's why we love WOLF-Garten. WOLF-Garten mini tools click into any handle - long or short - so you can use the small tool heads when attached to a long handle, so you can comfortably garden standing up straight. Yes, you read that right - standing up straight - no more sore backs! It's a system that has been developed by gardeners, for gardeners since 1922.

Gardening in your raised bed, small garden plot, or tightly planted flower beds has never been easier. In fact, we're so convinced you'll love WOLF-Garten tools, we've guaranteed them for 10 years.