Swivel Grass Shears

The WOLF-Garten® Swivel Grass Shears are the perfect clippers for lawn edging care in hard to reach places. The 180° rotation of the 5.5" blades allow you to cut grass in places previously thought to be unreachable - even with traditional trimmers and clippers. The non-stick, steel blades provide a precise cut every time. Finally, a tool that will get to areas that string trimmers won't - all the while protecting your plants and bushes nearby.

The WOLF-Garten grass shears have been engineered to provide the most comfortable grass trimming experience ever. No more need to use noisy, gas or electric powered string trimmers! Simply adjust the settings on the WOLF-Garten rotating grass shears to fit the space where you need to trim and you're set. One unique feature of this shears is that it provides a knuckle cover to protect your hand and knuckles when trimming next to buildings, bushes or rocks. WOLF-Garten has also placed a comfortable rubber grip for your hand so that you can have the most comfortable yard & grass trimming experience yet. All these unique features add up to simply put - the best grass shears on the market. Plus, WOLF-Garten garden tools feature a 10-year warranty because they are confident you will love WOLF-Garten just as much, maybe even more, than we do.