Stand Up Weed Remover

The WOLF-Garten Weed Remover is quite possibly the most advanced tool for weed extracting available. The experts at WOLF-Garten have engineered this weed remover to be not only incredibly effective at removing even the toughest weeds, but for the user to enjoy comfortable weeding while working and removing weeds in the yard and garden. By simply using your foot and a slight tilt motion of the fixed d-grip handle weeds are plucked from the depths of the ground easily and effectively with 2 stainless steel claws. The claws of this tool grip weeds and their root systems from every angle ensuring no trace is left behind.

Unlike many other WOLF-Garten garden tools and weed extractors, this weed removal tool is one fixed unit and does not have interchangeable heads and handles - this tool is one piece. The 43.31" one-piece design allows for a strong, powerful tool enabling the user to exert as little force as possible, so the back-breaking work of weeding is lessened dramatically. Using only human-power this weed extracting tool is an eco-friendly way to rid your garden and lawn of those pesky weeds that keep coming back.