Interlocken® Narrow Garden Cultivator Grubber


Going against the traditional "L" shaped cultivator prongs, the WOLF-Garten® Narrow Garden Cultivator has an extra bend in the prongs designed to travel with the surface of the ground. This extra bend means no more hacking the soil to break it down - you simply pull and push the cultivating tool back and forth to easily cultivate and prep your soil for planting. The WOLF-Garten Cultivator also features a unique, narrow working width for more precise cultivating, making this cultivating tool head ideal for vegetable and flower gardens so you can more eaily control your work area alleviating damge to the surrounding plants.

Attach this cultivating tool head to any WOLF-Garten Interlocken handle for a comfortable, stand-up-straight gardening experience. It's ultimate comfort in the garden, so you can garden all day without backpain or discomfort.

Stand-Up-Straight Gardening
Years ahead of their time, WOLF-Garten pioneered ergonomically correct gardening by developing garden tools designed for ultimate comfort, hence "Stand up Straight" gardening and the Interlocken® Gardening System was born. "Stand up Straight" gardening enables gardeners of all ages and abilities to work with ease and comfort in their gardens. No more uncomfortable bending over and over and….over. WOLF-Garten tools are engineered specifically to take into account the ergonomically correct angles of each tool to create the most pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable gardening experience.

The Interlocken® Gardening System
The Interlocken® Gardening Tool system enables different garden tool heads to combine with a variety of tool handles that click together with a patented seatbelt-like mechanism to get work done safely and effectively. The gardeners’ life is simplified and much more comfortable with InterLocken™ gardening tools.WOLF Garten Garden Tools Interlocken BlueStoneGarden

The Interlocken System enables you to carry all the gardening tools you need for a day of gardening in one tote bag or bucket, along with one handle. All the gardneing tool heads and handles click together so each tool head will click into your handle. At the end of the day only one trip is needed to return the tools to the garage or shed. You end up spending less time and effort locating, schlepping and moving large bulky tools from place to place which means you can then spend more time actually enjoying your garden!