The 8 Steps of WOLF-ing by WOLF-Garten

A good soil is the decisive key to the dream garden. Sparing some time for your garden regularly from February onwards will reap a reward from nature the whole year round. The attachments and handles from the multi-star® system are perfectly suited to what you and your soil need.

1. Digging

After winter, the soil is grateful if you take off the top crust. Air and water can penetrate well once more.

With the three sharp, hardened prongs of our Cultivator, impacted earth can be easily loosened and aerated. Pulling – not chopping – is the recommendation from WOLF-Garten.

With our Grubber, manual digging protects the roots, even in stony ground.

2. Crumbling

Only finely crumbled soil offers the optimum preconditions. The loose layer retains moisture in the ground and supports the fine roots of seeds and young plants.

The bow rake can be used for both functions when crumbling: Firstly, break up the soil with the steel tines, then turn it around and smooth out with the bow.

For fine crumbling, patting down and planting in seeds, fertilizing or composting, use our 3-in-1 rake.

3. Sowing & planting

The period of sowing and planting is the most creative element of gardening. Ensure that you always have the correct gaps for optimum plant growth.

With this seed roller you can sow conveniently and evenly in 3 rows and no seed is wasted.

Whether you use a trowel as a hand tool or on one of the handles, this hand trowel can even be used to easily plant in hard soil.

4. Aerating

In order to yield, soil requires regular loosening exercises so that it can breathe and supply young seeds with nutrients.

With this small aerator made of hardened steel, even the most closely planted beds can be easily loosened and aerated.

5. Fertilizing

Growth requires energy. With fertilizers you give the soil back what it needs to supply plants.

Practical tip: Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium? And how much of it? The best way to find out which nutrients your soil needs is through soil analysis. Request one from your garden stockist.

6. Weeding

Weeding is an ideal activity to alleviate stress. And it is even more effective with multi-star® tools.

You can clear tightly overgrown beds with the small hoe. Thanks to extra-sharp changeable blades, nothing remains that should not be there.

7. Cleaning up

In nature, the soil is rarely bare. It is constantly covered with grasses, weeds or rotting organic material. In the garden one likewise finds broken twigs, fallen leaves and petals or even the remains of weeding work. But garden waste has its dangers: Pulled-up weeds often contain more seeds for further unwelcome offspring. Neglected leaves are an ideal growth medium for fungal infections. With the various Tine Rakes from WOLF-Garten, you can remove trouble makers from flower and vegetable beds, paths and yards. For example, the multi-star® Adjustable Rake UC-M from WOLF-Garten has 22 flexible tines and is distinguished particularly by high stability and simple adjustment. Changing the spacing between the spring steel tines is child's play. Thus you can achieve the optimum setting for removing fine or coarse debris - even from hard-to-reach corners and niches under trees and bushes.

8. Digging over

Towards the end of the gardening year, many soils are compacted. Living conditions for soil life deteriorate as a result. So that the soil will be fit for the winter and above all the following spring, you should use the autumn for digging the ground over. You can turn over loose, humus-rich soil again at the start of the new gardening year. The soil should be dug to a depth of approx. 15 to 20 cm with a spade or gardening fork, even deeper if badly compacted. WOLF-Garten gardening spades and forks permit easy penetration and clean digging of even heavy soils. The coming frost freezes the water in the earth, causing it to expand. Repeated temperature changes around freezing point have the effect of many miniature "explosions" and the soil is broken into small crumbs. Thus it is ready for spring, for renewed scarification.


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