The 8 Steps of WOLF-ing by WOLF-Garten

A healthy garden starts with healthy soil. Regularly tending to your garden from February onwards is crucial for reaping the rewards of nature throughout the year. The Wolf Garten Interlock® Gardening Tool System is designed to make gardening easy for you every step of the way. Pair one of the 60 gardening tool heads with one of the 10 different handles to build your perfect gardening tool. The 8 Steps of Wolf-ing is the official Wolf Garten guide to creating and maintaining a beautiful garden.


1. Digging

During winter, the soil can develop a hard, dry layer on top that hinders the exchange of air and water between the soil and the atmosphere. To allow the soil to breathe again, we recommend pulling the soil to loosen this top crust rather than chopping it up. This will help air and water to reach deeper into the soil, promoting healthy plant growth.

  The Interlock® BEM Cultivator is used to loosen and aerate the soil. The three sharp prongs pull up the soil rather than chopping it. The perfect spacing of the three prongs helps you cultivate larger areas in less time and with less effort.
The Interlocken® BAM Cultivator Grubber is great for vegetable and flower gardens with more plants. This tool features a unique, narrow working width for more precise cultivating. You can easily control your work area alleviating damage to the surrounding plants.



2. Crumbling

For new seeds and young plants, finely crumbled soil provides the best growing conditions. To retain moisture in the ground and support fine roots, you can add a loose layer of soil on top of your garden. Before planting, make sure to create a level seedbed that is free of rocks and gravel.

  The Interlocken® DOM40 Bow Rake can be used for both crumbling and leveling your soil. First, break up the soil with the steel tines on the front of the rake. Then, flip the rake over and use the bow to smooth out and level your soil.
The Interlocken® DRM35 Large Soil Rake is designed for even crumbling with little effort. The curved steel tines on the front of the rake easily pull through the soil. The flat surface on the back of the rake creates an even and tidy bed of soil.
The Interlocken® DAS Crumbler & Soil Cultivator is another great option for crumbling. The 4 steel cultivating disks with spiked teeth work to remove weeds while simultaneously cultivating and aerating your growing area.



3. Sowing & planting

Sowing and planting are the most expressive and creative aspects of gardening. You can use your creativity to develop a unique and beautiful garden that speaks to your personal taste. Although there are not many rules when sowing and planting, it's important to ensure that there is adequate spacing between your plants for optimum growth.

  The Interlocken® EAM Seed Planter & Sower is perfect for planting quickly and effectively. The spinning wheel plants seeds in straight rows with uniform spacing. With six adjustable seed size settings, you can plant almost anything with accuracy.
The Interlocken® LUSM Hand Trowel remains one of the most effective tools for sowing and planting. The trowel can be paired with a short handle for close-up gardening or attached to a long handle for maximum comfort and ease.
The Interlocken® IMM Planting Hoe can be used in multiple ways when planting and sowing. Use the sharp steel prongs on the bottom of the tool to break up the soil before planting. Then, flip the tool over and use the pointed blade to dig rows where seeds will be planted.



4. Aerating

For gardens to continuously support and nourish your plants, you must regularly aerate the soil. Frequently loosening the soil allows it to breathe and absorb the nutrients that are critical for young seeds. Relieving compacted soil makes better use of water and fertilizer within your garden.

  The Interlocken® BIM Aerator effortlessly loosens and aerates soil in even the narrowest planting rows. The steel blade cuts through hardened soil with control and power. The ergonomic design helps you aerate your garden comfortably and efficiently.



5. Fertilizing

Growing plants require lots of energy that comes directly from your soil. Fertilizers provide the soil with the nutrients it needs to support healthy plants. Between varying climates, weather patterns, and soil contents, each garden requires different nutrients within the fertilizer. The best way to find out which nutrients your soil needs is through soil analysis. You can request a soil analysis from a soil testing lab in your area.


6. Weeding

One of the most important parts of garden maintenance is weeding. Weeds compete with your plants for vital nutrients in the soil. They also block out sunlight and steal water from your plants. When left in a garden, they can overtake a garden and smother your plants. The Interlock® Tool System makes the demanding task of weeding easy and even stress relieving.

  The Interlocken® RFM Push Pull Weeder has a unique two-sided serrated blade for faster and more efficient weeding. The sharp, convex, double-blade cuts through weeds and rolls the soil at the same time.
The Interlocken® IWM Weed Extractor is designed for removing deep or tap-rooted weeds down to the roots. Push the tool into the ground, twist, and pull to extract the entire weed. Effortlessly remove pesky weeds like thistles and dandelions.


The Interlock® Tool System offers a variety of hoes that are created specifically for weeding. Each hoe has specific design features that help with different tasks.

GSM14 Scuffle Hoe: The flat surface and durable, sharp blade on this standard hoe cuts weeds with little to no effort.
HOM15 Draw Hoe: The extra sharp blade has two support arms for extra strength when removing especially difficult weeds. The ergonomic design helps prevent fatigue and strain on the arms and back.
DHM Dutch Hoe: This unique cutout design allows you to target unwanted weeds with control and ease. This hoe is particularly effective for shallow-rooted weeds.
HUM10 Floral Hoe: This 4-inch hoe is a great alternative to wider or larger hoes. It is perfect for working between rows of plants, in densely populated flowerbeds, or in smaller garden areas.
HWM15 Mounding Hoe: The large and extra sharp blade can remove deeply rooted weeds and loosen soil at the same time.

7. Cleaning up

After you’ve weeded, be sure to remove all the debris from your garden to any prevent unwanted growth. Twigs, fallen leaves, petals, or weed debris can often lead to fungal infections. Pulled-up weeds contain more seeds that can lead to future weed growth.

The Interlocken® UCM Adjustable Rake can remove any unwanted debris from your garden. The rake ranges from 14 inches in width to 22 inches in width. You can remove fine or coarse debris in small spaces of your garden and large yards with just one tool.
The Interlocken® SM400M Broom features weather-resistant plastic bristles that are perfect for sweeping dirty areas around our garden. The X-shaped inner bristles and the wide width make cleaning twice as fast.


8. Digging over

Once the gardening season has come to an end, you should prepare your soil for the following spring. In the fall, start digging the ground over so that it doesn’t become compacted throughout the winter. Water in the earth freezes and expands when temperatures drop in the winter. Repeated temperature changes throughout the winter cause the soil to shift and break down into small crumbs. Once spring comes back around, you can dig up your garden about 15 to 20 centimeters deep to reveal renewed and nutrient-rich soil.

The Interlocken® LUGM Flower Fork is used to dig up dense and compacted soil. The heavy gauge steel allows for easy penetration and clean digging in heavy soils. You can pair this tool with a short handle for precise digging or a long handle for maximum comfort.



Now that you know the important steps for maintaining a beautiful garden, it's time to get to work! The Wolf Garten Interlock® Gardening Tool System offers interchangeable garden tool heads, which means you can get all the necessary tools without buying a ton of different items. You also get to personalize the way you garden! With these tools, you can do more for your garden with fewer items. Start shopping for The Wolf Garten Interlock® Gardening Tool System today and get the perfect tools for your garden.