RRVM Interlocken® Bypass Tree Lopper

Take your tree trimming to the next level with this professional-grade tree lopper from the experts at WOLF-Garten. Made in Germany, this amazing bypass-blade lopper attached to any WOLF-Garten handle ( We recommend either of the telescoping handles ZMV3 or ZMV4) for safe, ladder-free tree cutting. These Interlocken, Adjustable Bypass-blade Tree Loppers offer an adjustable working angle that rotates 180° and is suitable for easy cutting of branches up to 1.6" in diameter. The RRVM lopper features a 4:1 pulley system for less effort and easier pruning. The Interlocken adjustable bypass tree loppers are an invaluable tool for the amateur and professional gardener alike.Please note some images include images of the Professional Tree Lopper with Anvil Blades. This model is available in both Anvil and Bypass blade styles.


Please Note: This product does NOT come supplied with a handle, this product will fit any of the WOLF-Garten Interlocken handles.

Tree Care without Ladders

Work safely from the ground, with both feet planted when using WOLF-Garten Tree Cutting tools. The WOLF-Garten tree cutting tools attach to any Telescoping, extension handles giving you up to 13 feet of additional reach. And, don't worry, the innovative design of WOLF-Garten handles provide a lightweight solution, so cutting and trimming the exact branches is easier then ever. Working from the ground allows your body to relax- not to mention eliminates the risk of falling. Say goodbye to gardening accident risk #1. Work safely at heights of up to 16 feet while keeping a good view of the work to be done with the new tree loppers and Interlocken tool heads.


* This item has been discontinued.  Once it's sold out, it will no longer be available at a later date.