Interlocken® Scuffle Hoe Weeder


The WOLF-Garten® Scuffle Hoe Garden Weeder makes quick work of the arduous task of weeding. The ingenuity of the scuffle hoe weeder comes from the flat surface which easily cuts weeds with little, to no effort. This tool has a very specific gardening job - easily weed the garden. The Scuffle Hoe from WOLF-Garten does this incredibly well. The durable, sharp, super-hardened blade provides extra surface area to cut weeds faster and more efficiently. This weeding tool works with any WOLF-Garten Interlocken Handle short or long.

If you haven't used a scuffle hoe before, you'll definitely want to give it a try. What is one of the most frustrating things about growing a garden? Weeding. Most gardeners will say weeding is the most troublesome (read: annoying) garden chore. Often that is because we wait a little too long on our weeds and they quickly become tough, long stalks that certainly provide gardeners with a true workout when ridding the garden of them. The key with the scuffle hoe is that you are getting those weeds before they become bigger, stronger, harder to cut and get rid of. Trust us on this one - give the scuffle hoe a try. We think you, and your garden, will be happy you did.

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