Interlocken® BEM Cultivator


The WOLF-Garten® Cultivator BEM is the ideal gardening tool for loosening mid-heavy soils quickly and easily. With three steel prongs spaced out over 4.25", you are able to cultivate larger areas in less time and effort. Additionally, all three prongs are pointed, meaning no more wasting time hacking and slashing at heavy soil trying to break up it up. This cultivator is one of the best selling cultivating tools in the WOLF-Garten garden tool line.

The WOLF-Garten Cultivator BEM has wider spaced prongs than the cultivator BAM which is more narrow. The Cultivator BEM is shaped more like a traditional garden cultivator, but engineered to enable you to garden with this tool while comfortably standing straight up, versus being bent over like many other cultivating tools on the market. This tool easily attaches to any WOLF-Garten handle to customize your gardening experience.

We recommend pairing this tool head with the WOLF-Garten ZMA150 59" lightweight aluminum handle.