RR4000 Bypass Pruner

The German-engineered RR4000 Bypass Pruner is an advanced and ultra comfortable WOLF-Garten® secateurs for all your pruning, trimming and cutting needs. The heavy-duty, German steel cutting blades are designed to make precise cuts every time and stay sharp and tough for many years to come. The advanced ergonomic grips on both the top and bottom handles of the RR4000 make for easy and comfortable flower, vegetable and plant pruning. WOLF-Garten Pruning Shears are quickly becoming the go-to tool for gardeners and homeowners alike. With so many uses, you'll want to have one of these on hand at all times around the house.

Bypass blades cut like traditional scissors with two blades sliding past each other. Bypass blades are recommended for fast-healing, precise, stub-free cuts of thin stems and green (living) branches. The slim cutting head facilitates the cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places and prevents soft stems from being squeezed during the cutting process.