Interlocken® Thistle & Dandelion Weed Extractor


The WOLF-Garten® IWM Thistle and Dandelion Weed Extractor is designed to flush out all deep or tap-rooted weeds such as dandelions or plantain. Removing weeds and their accompanying roots becomes effortless when using this Weed Extractor. Simply push into the ground, twist and pull out to remove pesky weeds and roots from your garden or yard. This garden weeder features an ergonomic design which means - no bending!! Pulling weeds actually becomes fun as you use this tool.

This best-selling weeder from WOLF-Garten is made of premium steel and designed with ultimate comfort during your gardening chores. Ridding your lawn or garden of weeds has never been easier!


For best results we recommend you pair it with our WOLF-Garten D-Grip Handle.

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