Payment Methods

Credit Cards: accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards as acceptable forms of payments. is a division of The Dillon Group and The Dillon Group will perform all credit card processing. The charge on your credit card/bank statement will appear from The Dillon Group.

Money Order: We will also accept money orders as a form of payment. Orders paid for by money order will not ship until the money order has reached our bank.

PayPal: also offers PayPal as a payment method.

Business Customers
Wolf Garten USA and The Dillon Group may accept orders mailed, faxed or set up through electronic portal system. Please call us directly to discuss these options 866-543-1222.

Notice to Debit / Check Card Users
Please be advised that banks do NOT treat debit or checking cards like a credit card; they can put two “holds” on your funds. First, your funds are held for verification purposes each time you place an order. Secondly, the funds are held a second time when we process your sale. Please understand that there is nothing that we can do on our end to resolve this. These holds are internal banking functions of the bank that handles your card account. Additionally, be aware that a pre-authorization is NOT a charge; it only checks your account for available funds, holds those funds, and checks the address information you provided against the card company’s records. The “hold” on your funds will eventually drop off the account after a short timeframe (sometimes up to 10 days) that is determined by your bank’s policies. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this banking procedure may cause you.