Interlocken® Tree Master Care & Maintenance Kit

Tree Care is an integral component of a healthy and happy tree, Ensuring dead branches are trimmed with effective, sharp tools help alleviate infection, disease and unwanted branches. This tree care kit from WOLF-Garten Germany was put together with the homeowner in mind and includes ESSENTIAL TREE cutting and trimming tools to make your job easier and safer.

This tree care kit includes our top selling extension handle from WOLF-Garten. The WOLF-Garten Vario Interlocken ZMV4 handle is our longest reaching handle effectively extending your reach 13 FEET - while safely keeping both feet on the ground. Innovative German engineering has also ensured that this handle remains lightweight and easy to maneuver for almost anyone. Being that this handle is part of the WOLF-Garten Interlocken tool collection, any of the WOLF-Garten tool heads and saws will easily and safely CLICK into the handle making this a perfectly universal handle that can be used for tree trimming of course, but also is great to use with any of our pool nets or window cleaning tool heads.

To effectively prune trees it is useful to have both a saw and a lopper. This kit includes the popular 14" WOLF-Garten Tree Saw which features double-edged Swedish Steel blade - it's super sharp and easily slices through the toughest branches with ease. Additionally, for crisp, clean branch cuts we've included the WOLF-Garten beloved RCM Tree Lopper with Anvil blades. The saw and lopper both easily click into the extension handle just like a seatbelt, so tree trimming from the ground is safer than ever. The Anvil Pruner is controlled by an easy to use 4:1 pulley system with a rope that you control at hip level. Both of these are not only easy to use, but they absolutely cut and slice like no other tools on the market.

For trimming branches and shrubs closer to the ground it's important to get clean cuts there are well, so we've included the extraordinary WOLF-Garten Premium Plus Comfort Grip RR4000 Bypass hand pruner. This will quickly become your go-to pruner as it easily cuts limbs and branches up to 1" thick.

This kit is a must-have essential kit for every homeowner. Being able to effectively and SAFELY cut your trees is the best way to ensure healthy, long-lived trees for years to come.


Interlocken Tree Master Care & Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • SAWPC370MS - Interlocken 14" Powercut Saw
  • RCM - Interlocken Tree Lopper
  • ZMV4 - 13ft Telescoping Handle
  • RR4000 - Bypass Pruner (M/L)

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