Interlocken® Weed Removal Set

Now our best-selling weeding toolset is available in one handy kit at 10% off separate prices! The WOLF-Garten IWM weeding tool designed to easily remove thistles, taproots and other pesky, unwanted garden weeds with an easy twist motion. This weeding tool set is the perfect solution for even annoying Bermuda grass! The unique design of the weeding tool head grabs and pulls the root system out of the ground instead of just lopping off the top. This removal process offers a more comprehensive solution to killing the weed and inhibiting regrowth. When paired with the ZMAD D-grip handle, the tool is easy to torque with your own efforts the twisting motion needed to pull the weed completely out of the ground. This is truly a unique weeding tool from the gardening experts at WOLF-Garten.

Push. Twist. Pull. That's all it takes to get the weeds and their gnarly root system out of the ground! You've never weeded like this before...try it!

As with all other WOLF-Garten Garden Tools, this weeding tool head and d-grip handle are all interlocken, meaning you can easily use either the garden tool head or the d-grip handle with any other tool head or handle from the WOLF-Garten Interlocken line. WOLF-Garten tools click into place like a seatbelt, so you no longer have the annoying twisting, and loosening of more traditional tool heads and handles. WOLF-Garten tools have been made in Germany since 1922 and continue to be made in southern Germany using the finest materials. All WOLF-Garten garden tools & equipment have a 10-year warranty.


Interlocken Weed Removal Set Includes: 

  • ZMAD - 33" Aluminum D-Grip Handle
  • IWM - Interlocken Thistle & Dandelion Weed Extractor

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