Interlocken® House Broom


Extra-wide household broom features super fine bristles made of Flexon® and horsehair mix to ensure you never miss another pesky particle or dirt, dust or debris when sweeping. Cut your sweeping time in half with this best-selling broom from WOLF-Garten.

As with all WOLF-Garten Interlocken Tools this broom easily clicks into any of the Interlocken handles to ensure a comfortable, ergonomic cleaning experience with a stand-up-straight design.


  • Broom head is 12.5" inches wide
  • Suggested handles: ZMA150 or ZM140
  • This model replaces the BF40M - Interlocken House Brush which has been discontinued.



* This item has been discontinued.  Once it's sold out, it will no longer be available at a later date.