Interlocken® Mini Rake

The WOLF-Garten® Mini Rake is a great garden tool for all small area clean up jobs. The Mini Rake allows you to clear small overgrown areas effortlessly thanks to its heavy-duty steel tines.

Attach the Mini Rake tool head to any Interlocken® Handle to clear under shrubs, arborvitaes, and tough to reach places quickly and easily without bending over.

Flexible tines are made of hardened spring steel and will not bend or break while working.


This Mini Rake comes in two pieces.  Press the grey button to unlock our new 7" handle from the mini rake head, and you can use this same handle with any of our other smaller hand tools. 

Once detached, the mini rake head can reattach to a longer handle if needed. 


This item replaces the LDMZM30 which has been discontinued.