Interlocken® Aerator Garden Tool


The WOLF-Garten® Aerator, with a tool head width of 1.4", is the perfect tool to effortlessly loosen and aerate the soil in the narrowest of planting rows. Its super-hardened steel blade allows you to quickly and easily complete your gardening work, even in the hardest of soils. With an ergonomic design, this WOLF-Garten aerator lets you garden comfortably while standing up straight. This is the perfect WOLF-Garten® tool for garden lovers!

The BIM aerator from WOLF-Garten is part of the WOLF-Garten Interlocken (Multi-Star) click together gardening tool system. The Interlocken system was designed to ensure all gardeners are able to garden comfortably standing straight up, with little to no bending. This system was designed with multiple garden tool handles, so you can choose the correct handle for your height, ability, and task. All the Interlocken tool heads, including this garden aerator, is designed to safely and securely click into any of the WOLF-Garten handles so you can create the perfect garden tool for you.

Additionally, we've engineered our tool heads with a unique bend in shape of the tool head. Most normal tools are bent in such a way that forces the body to bend and dig and/or hack rigorously causing pain. Each WOLF-Garten tool head is uniquely bent to require less bending with more attention paid to the fluid motion of push and pull. These unique features create the most comfortable gardening experience you'll ever experience.