Interlocken® Mini Duo Hoe with Handle

The WOLF-Garten® Mini Duo Hoe makes garden planting a snap. Three steel cultivating tines quickly weed and break up soil, which then allows the sharp steel blade of the garden hoe to create perfect rows for planting seeds and bulbs. The Mini Duo Hoe is ideal for working in small or crowded gardens, and is especially desireable for working in raised garden beds. This uniquely designed garden hoe can be connected with a longer Interlocken® Handle for ergonomic and comfortable Stand up Straight gardening.

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What is Stand Up Straight Gardening?

Years ahead of their time, WOLF-Garten pioneered ergonomically correct gardening by developing garden tools designed for ultimate comfort, hence "Stand up Straight" gardening and the Interlocken® Gardening System was born. "Stand up Straight" gardening enables gardeners of all ages and abilities to work with ease and comfort in their gardens. No more uncomfortable bending over and over and….over. WOLF-Garten tools are engineered specifically to take into account the ergonomically correct angles of each tool to create the most pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable gardening experience. With this garden hoe, you will note that the curve of the tool head is different - it is uniquely bent to account for the fact that we want our gardening customers to use this tool either attached to a small handle for up close work, or attached to a long handle - standing up straight - no more bending. With WOLF-Garten Hoes, you work even harder than before, but with much less effort. Its gardening tool engineered for comfort and for all day gardening.