RR650 Power Cut Bypass Lopper

The high-strength yet lightweight bypass lopper is an ideal tool for powerful and comfortable tree care. The advanced cutting head technology builds 4X more power into every cut making this a superior cutting tool for anyone charged with trimming trees in their home or garden. Premium, German-steel blades from WOLF-Garten are the best quality on the market. This RR550 Lopper features non-stick, zinc-coated bypass blades which are allow these blades to easily slice through branches up to 40mm in diameter. WOLF-Garten loppers and their blades are known for precise, clean cuts every time, which is healthier for the tree for sure, as it helps to promote fast healing of the tree. Speaking of healthy trees - most other companies use large screws on their loppers which, when you go in for a close cut, can damage and wound the tree making it susceptible to infection. Well, WOLF-Garten has specifically chosen to use the smallest, lowest-profile screws on our lopper heads so that even with the closest cuts, the low profile of the screw heads slide safely past bark, leaving no knicks or scratches. It's another way, WOLF-Garten goes above and beyond in their engineering. WOLF-Garten has also upped their game in the materials department with their new Power Cut cutting series as these loppers all use airline-grade aluminum, which proves to be extremely lightweight, yet durable to last for many years to come.

Bypass or Anvil: Which Blades are right for you?

The two-blade, or bypass technology is recommended for fast-healing, precise, stub-free cuts of thin stems and green branches. The slim cutting head facilitates the cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places and prevents soft stems of being squeezed during the cutting process.

The single-blade or anvil technology provides up to 20 % more power compared to bypass technology. During the cut, the stems and branches rest on the anvil. Anvil shears are ideal for cutting dead and hard wood (e.g. for rose and brush cutting). They facilitate arm-friendly work at minimum cutting vibration.