Ooze Tube®


Ooze Tube Drip Irrigation Tree Watering Bag - 45 Gallon

Developed and patented by an ISA Certified Arborist, the Ooze Tube® irrigation system drips gradually over a period of two weeks, giving the tree just the right amount of water. This unique watering system helps promote root growth by gradually decreasing water output as the tube empties. As the water decreases, the roots grow out and down establishing healthy natural root systems. The Ooze Tube® also has additional drip emitters available that allow you to control and increase the drip rate if necessary. The more emitters you have the faster the drip rate.

Each 45 gallon unit includes a green Ooze Tube®, 2 emitters (additional emitters can be purchased here) and a wooded stake to keep the Ooze Tube® secure on flat or angled surfaces. The perfect hydration system for planting and maintaining new trees.

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