Interlocken® Large Area Push Broom


NEW WOLF-Garten® Large Area Broom is a multipurpose push broom that effectively clears debris from driveways, patios and decks with minimal effort. The wide width of the WOLF-Garten Utility Broom means you use less strokes when sweeping dirty areas.

This broom features long-lasting, weather-resistant plastic bristles that will last for years. Additionally, the functional bristles allow you to sweep light snow in the winter.

The x-shaped inner bristles are made from a different bristle material to ensure twice as fast cleaning. This is part of the new Wolf-Garten X-TRA Clean series.

The broom is set at an ergonomic angle where it connects to a handle, so you are able to sweep without straining your back.

  • Good for dry and damp surfaces
  • Broom head is 14.5"
  • Suggested handles: ZMA150 or ZM140
  • This model replaces the B40M - Large Utility Broom which has been discontinued.