RR750 29.5” Power Cut Bypass Lopper

The high-strength yet lightweight WOLF-Garten Power Cut RR750 Bypass Lopper is an ideal cutting tool for easy, comfortable tree cutting and tree care. The advanced cutting head technology makes this a superior lopper and cutting tool for all gardeners and tree care enthusiasts. The arms of this lopper reach a length of nearly 30". The bypass blades give these lopping shears a very precise and clean cut on branches up to approximately 1.57" (40 mm) in diameter.

The WOLF-Garten RR750 Bypass Lopper replaces the now discontinued RR830 WOLF-Garten lopper. This NEW RR750 lopper features advanced cutting technology to ensure every cut is precise and comfortable for all day use if necessary. We know you will love this new lopper from WOLF-Garten!

Bypass Blades vs. Anvil Blades: What's the difference?

Bypass blades cut like traditional scissors with two blades sliding past each other. Bypass blades are recommended for fast-healing, precise, stub-free cuts of thin stems and green (living) branches. The slim cutting head facilitates the cutting of branches in hard-to-reach places and prevents soft stems from being squeezed during the cutting process.

Anvil blades cut using one-blade technology, which provides up to 20% more power compared to bypass technology. During the cur, the stems and branches rest on the anvil while a single blade cuts down onto the anvil, slicing through the branches. Anvil shears are ideal for cutting dead and hardwood (i.e., rose and brush cutting) and facilitate arm-friendly work at minimum cutting vibration.