14" Interlocken® Power Cut Tree Saw PRO


The WOLF-Garten® Tree Saw Pro is the #1 selling tree saw at Bluestone Garden. The Tree Saw Pro is designed to quickly and effectively trim and cut branches without damaging the tree. The under branch cutter on the WOLF-Garten® Tree Saw Pro prevents stripping and damaging of tree bark and branches, while the strong, double-hardened Swedish Steel blade provides an extremely smooth cut to avoid bacterial infection in your trees.

Additionally, there is a hooked end on the blade that helps to pull and remove branches from the tree easily after each cut. The WOLF-Garten® Tree Saw Pro is the preferred tree saw of professional arborists and landscapers. The WOLF-Garten® Tree Saw Pro is designed to be comfortably used as a hand saw, as well as a pole saw (when attached to a long handle).

This WOLF-Garten saw is also a highly sought after saw for Palm Tree Cutting! The super sharp and durable, Swedish Steel blade easily cuts stubborn palm branches to quickly trim as needed.


We recommend pairing this tree saw with either of the WOLF-Garten Telescopic Handles ZMV3 or ZMV4 for lightweight, safe, ladder-free tree trimming.

This saw is the new & improved replacement for REPM Tree Saw Pro which has been discontinued.

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