RCM Interlocken® Anvil Tree Lopper


The WOLF-Garten® Tree Lopper is an essential tree care tool for landscape and forestry professionals, as well as any gardener needing to effectively cut and prune trees. The sliding anvil lopper "pulls" the tool into the cut with no kick back making a much more comfortable experience for you. The 4:1 pulley ratio eases working even in high trees, while its anvil action allows for easy cutting of branches up to 40 mm (1.57") in diameter. Adjustable working angle through 180 degrees helps for awkward areas. The blades of the RCM Tree Lopper are non-stick coated and designed to resist rust and damage dramatically extending the life of this garden tool.

Forget about teetering on an unstable ladder, instead stay on the ground to trim your trees by connecting the WOLF-Garten Tree Lopper to one of our Interlocken® Handles specifically, the ZMV3 or ZMV4 Telescoping Handles extending to 118" and 157" respectively.

The RCM Lopper is easily removed from the handle with the InterLocken® click system for convenient storage of the lopper tool head on a shelf and handle separate - no top heavy poles to fall over in your garage.